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December 24, 2011


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pat griffith

I have to admit that my tree is smaller than ever, it is modern but, I have it on a table much like the Victorian trees. I really like the colors in you room and the fish - nice find .


Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVED the paisley cushion. Your style is lovely! WOuld you mind sharing if you made it or where you got it from? Thanks. xx


lovely tree Corinne! When are you going to write your second novel?
I spent a nice time reading the adventures of the girls in Paris :)


Corine, love the new colors in the living room and the fish kite. Delightful. Also loved reading about you furnishing Portland place with Ikea goods. I still think Ikea is the happiest place on earth... or at least one of the most creative. Sitting at my new Ikea desk I got for Christmas right now... Happy holidays and thanks for inspiring us!

Patti Friday (a.k.a. Liberty Post)

Hello My Dear Friend!
I have a new blog address which I have been too lazy to promote to anyone...it's on my to-do list for 2012! Hope you enjoyed turkey and latkes! Hugs!
(a.k.a. Liberty Post/Patti Friday)


loving the new look - fresh and fab - best le xox

déjà pseu

Corine, I know what you mean about holiday confusion. We light the menorah every night, but I really miss decorating for Christmas. Neither holiday holds a lot of religious significance for us, and every few years I throw some pine garlands up on the mantle with the menorah.

I LOVE your cheery decor, and the kite on the wall is inspired.

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