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September 02, 2011


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Very funny good post. Actually I liked both the pictures and the writing.
I would also like to have your tips about productivity/concentration etc. ... Have you tried a retreat in the middle of nowhere with no internet, no cellphone, no starbuck, no nothing ... Back to handwriting, maybe. Humm ...I think it might be useful for my next writing project.
Happy to learn that HIF sells well. Hard work pays. I like it.
Hope you feel much better.


I am still laughing the next morning! Is there anything worse than a doctor that doesn't think we know our own bodies. I have only had one infection in my life and never want another, that was the most painful thing ever.

I hope that you are feeling better! As for your son, he will always need you and he will come home, although now that you moved into his room where will he go?

I am so excited to see your cookbook!

Have a great weekend.


Wow, a cookbook! I can't wait for that! I wish I lived in L.A. so I could have taken your cooking classes.

Danna Harvey

Very funny post. I can totally relate. Still laughing.

Feng Shui By Fishgirl

So happy for you that HIF is doing so well! There should be several female actresses open to acting/producing this as so few good female roles out there and this has 'chick flick' written all over it. Don't be surprised if the cookbook has a life of its own and is not simply a vehicle for promoting the novel.

And congratulations on raising a mature individual who embraces his independence.

How to avoid distractions for more focus and concentration: for me it's impossible unless the man is out of the house, the TV is turned off, the two dogs are outside, and I have total quiet. And this only works if I have had a good night's sleep and am not hungry. Good luck!


have you given some consideration to Fast Five? reason i'm asking is one of the side benefits is more energy! you would think just the opposite but it's true. my dh was the first one to notice it.


Well at least you still have your sense of humor! I really feel for you on the bladder infection! I used to get those all the time and soooooo painful. I went to the Dr. a couple of years ago and knew I had one but my tests came out negative as well. Maybe because I went in at the very first well known dreaded twinge. The Dr. said I am going to trust you on this and give you the prescription anyway. Great Doctor! He has saved me in many ways, including a dosage of xanax now and then, and high anxiety is hereditary, I don't care what anyone says. Every woman in my family far and in between have it.

I loved this post and I was still able to read between the pretty pictures. Not to be confused with reading between the lines.

Have a much better week! Congrats on the cookbook, you can do it, at least you won't be crunched over in all that pain. At least the physical pain. I am sure you miss your son!

Sweet Blessings ♥

Dustjacket Attic

So basically you have had the week or two from hell...it can only get better (I hope :)

It doesn't surprise me the book is doing well, its fantastic and the cookbook sounds like an excellent idea...so get on with it :o just keep thinking, the sooner it gets done the sooner it can promote HIF.

xxx DJ

Angie Muresan

Well, I'm thinking I'll have another giveaway of Hidden in Paris within a couple of weeks. And I will let the contestants know that a cookbook of the recipe is to follow. So step in it! Get it done, because I know you can, and also because I want to try making some of those recipes myself.


Oof. I'll be back over weekend for some ideas....



PS: I'm wondering who will write the screenplay of HIF? (not joking)

Michele (Drolet) Gavaletz

Looking forward to the cookbook - will definitely buy! My great grandmother was born in France so it's in my blood - I love all things French! Stop reading this and get to work on the cookbook!

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