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January 09, 2010


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wholesale womens clothing

I love the design, vintage clothes is one of my favorite collections. thanks for the post.



It s so beautiful, designs are always cute...
I wanna one...

Mama Without Borders

Oh yes, I hear you. Just last weekend, I saw a dress like the yellow one here at an antique shop and fell in love with the embroidery but, alas, I'm not a lass of 20 anymore and the thought of looking like I'd dressed in a potato sack made me giggle and I (wisely) turned away from the dress.


Ohhh, I absolutely LOVE these :-)


So did you get your Indian? I am scared to eat it over here...Hawaii is so not a mecca of the Indian culture. Unlike Sydney, where about half the population is Indian, and the other half is Greek or Lebanese. :p Getting good Indian there wasn't nearly such a scary proposition.

And I can't do the Mexican embroidery thing. I have been too scarred by my childhood hippie days, when all I wanted to be was a neon pink and green child of the Eighties. Luckily I got over THAT; but I still can't do that embroidery. :p


i just love the typcal mexican embroidery but you know what? from every region of Mexico is different all depends on the comunity for example: Oaxaca got like a thousands of different embroidery with their own particular designs and colors, and if you go to the north, the wixarika got another patern and they inspired on the desert and religion.. but i must to say, if i get married it would be with a dress like that!.. lovely photos!!


you'd look great in any of these lovelies!


Hazel: I cant wait for menopause.  I hear it carries its own set of problems  But menorrhagia has been no picnic.


I love the bottom dress too.

Your poor tummy. I feel for you. My womb was "untimely ripped" (that's from Macbeth) 9 years ago. I have not regretted it, or grown a beard.


Wonderful! But I don't think you need to be in your twenties to wear any of these beautiful clothes. It's just a matter of spirit.


Well, thanks a lot. I've been longing for Indian food & have to wait until next weekend & now don't think I can wait. (for the good stuff). GG & I send you greetings & hope you've had your "fix" by now (it's Sunday a.m. here)...



I LOVE this and would wear it all.


Thank you for sharing these clothes ... I'm in love with them :) Your blog is great! Peace.

mlle paradis

Sadly there has never and now surely never will be a moment in my life where it would be sartorially appropriate for me to wear these gorgeous things. My body was not built for them. I will console myself with having been mistaken for a Mexican lass on more than many occasions. And satisfy myself with imagining you in your Mexican wedding dress. Yes! I think it could work!

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