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December 01, 2008


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the vicktor frankl quote was in my holiday cards one year...his quote about auschwitz and hiroshima. my husband was outraged, but peace on earth requires remembrance of conflict past.

so, i was 'volunteered' to create decorated trees for a charity auction (8 years). i created outrageously wrapped boxes, never to be opened. i created odd themes because it was expected from me...everyone else used white lights, i used blue or amber or horrors...multi-colors. i made ornaments with tarot cards, and impossibly weird tree toppers. it made me feel better.

create a tree with blue lights and silver ornaments. make a december calendar instead of an advent calendar. make farolitos/luminarias with the star of david traced and cut out...line your driveway and light the farolitos for hannukah nights only.

your kids must be genetically creative...one night ask everyone to exchange handmade gifts(even something written). for another night, take everyone to target and create safe-aid kits for the homeless...band-aids, neosporin, toothbrushes, flashlights, socks etc.

love the dog, and i can relate.


I seem to be suffering from a mild case of internet dyslexia, this is the second time I misspell your name, Corine. Forgive me!


Oh Cornie!

I appologise, I laughed so hard reading this!

You know, talking about it usually helps to de-dramatize the stigma of the holiday insanity some of us go through.

For what it's worth, you seem to be a person with a sense of humor.

Whenever your blood starts boiling or your head starts spinning (or you start puking pea-soup Exorsist style): take a deep breath and laugh it off. Then, ask for help and remember, it's not the end of the world!

I'm battling some pre-christmas angst myself but you inspired me to throw it out in the open and blog about it. And I feels better already!

Thank you for sharing and remember to breathe!


my castle in spain

zut..i missed this post..i'm laughing and nodding at the same time. Le stress de Noël..i hate being under the come-on-smile-be-happy-it's Xmas pressure.

but then this year, i'm quite in the mood to celebrate a bit.

yesterday i was a bit bored and started to make an advent calendar.
perhaps you could start with that?

consider it as a preliminary of the final Christmassssy orgasm...


Oh, my...no wonder you have mixed feelings about Christmas!
What I like about Christmas? I like that now as an adult I can celebrate it exactly how I would have liked it as a child.
That is why we start celebrating at December 1st...:)


OMG, this is too funny I can barely stand it. Whta I hate the most is the holidays come SOOOO fast! Which is a true sign of aging. AARRGGHHHH. Personally, I do not like xmas and only do up the whole thing for my daughter. And she REFUSES to go visit family or go ANY WHERE else, she wants to be home! IIt drives me CRAZY! I spend too much money on alot of stuff people do not need. The whole lead up to xmas is an UGH and I am glad when it is over! Sorry to be a grinch and not much help. I LOVE all the pink in your living room!

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