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August 17, 2008


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Y. H.

Thanks for posting, I had already come across the first picture in apartmenttherapy and just love it! Could you let us know the issue number of living etc. or whose living room this is? I cannot seem to find on the Living Etc. website and as I adore the rug and need to decorate my new apartment I would like to know where to get the rug. Thank you I appreciate your help and your wonderful taste!


I luvvvv Frederique Morrell. And I love this post. Good eye ;)


I am loving the whole blue couch. I really like the little butterfly stool. It is gorgeous. Have a nice weekend! Daisy~

visual vamp

You got it goin'on!!!! Do this room filled with these great ideas for yourself this year!


I mull over photos much the same way trying to determine why I am attracted to it and what elements are key.

P.S. Love the tapestry pouf!!

Bonbon Oiseau

i think you've put it together perfectly! love the fresh feel of it all!


Do you know who made the wonderful carpet (white with poppy like flowers) in the first picture from Living Etc?

Linda @ Lime in the Coconut

ah. All those colors. So clear and crisp and vibrant. They know their job well!

Get the couch. Paint your floor, you'll be really happy.


mmmmm - love this post. gives me new appreciation for my blue sofa as well !

mrs. french

thank you for instilling in me a new appreiciation for my blue couch....I was just thinking of ways to recover it last night...I may hold off for a bit now.


It's a good trend, I like the bright colour and exotic patterns. The top room is amazing. I like the blue couches too, but not something I would personally buy, I would be afraid that I might get tired of it. I enjoyed this post!


so nicely you put it, "lust after it".


I love discovering trends in my own folders...it's like a total revelation! lol

Rachel Mallon

Great Color!


Corine, You could say something like" the kids colored all over my couch and now i need to buy this blue one!! yes it amazing how something can be on your mind and then you see it everywhere- I believe design fairies invade the talently gifted such as you in the wee hours of the night!

Fifi Flowers

FUN post! Colourful! Lively! Spirited!

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