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November 27, 2007


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I only wish I had time for a blog! I am not by any means a decorator. I am a lawyer with a VERY full time job!Painting and decorating etc is how I get out my creative side. I do it in my spare time so it takes many weekends to finish a project!!! I LOVE your girly house! When I was married, my husband cld have cared less about decor. I am working on the living room now. I would love to send you photo of the fireplace in bedroom. Domino did not use it and I think it is quite old fashion french looking and I built the surround part. Thanks again


True. I do feel sorry for some of my girlfriends whose husbands/boyfriends have strong opinions about decor. Everything has to be discussed, compromised have to be reached. Not at my house. My taste in decorating is extremely girly, colorful and I overuse the color pink, plastic flowers and baby furniture, and guess what, I have three men in my house and I don't think either of them has noticed yet!

Catherine, you should have a blog. I'd love to read more about your background, and get to see more photograhs of your home. Are you a decorator?


Ha ha, The reason I noted that is so many people post comments about it being too femine and men would hate it. Simply not true. I find that men generally do not pay attention that much to decor. Give them a really comfortable chair, a flatscreen TV, a remote and somewhere to put their drink and they are very happy


Hey, I'm honored to receive a comment from Catherine from Mill Valley herself. Catherine, Congratulations on winning this much coveted award.

Men adore lounging around there? Then I definitely want the room, but now I want it with the men in it!


Thank you soooo much for your kind comments. Yes, I live there and I am a single woman. I love France more then any country in the world. Have not been back again since 2000. I am just a tourist and obviously the room was done on a major budget thus it may not be so french. Further Domino did not post my entire narrative about what about the room reminds me of France. Nor did they post a pic of the fireplace (I built the enclosure myself with the silver metal pipe showing). In any event, I could not be more flattered to be on a french blog! And by the way I do not have small children and men adore lounging on that chaise and watching sports on the flat screen TV. Are you kidding!


French boudoir surement parce qu'il y a un petit cote Marie-Antoinette ;-) Le probleme, c'est le melange Versailles et meubles des annes 50... ce n'est plus du tout au gout du jour francais !

corine@ Hidden in France

You know what is funny is that the French find this room very American, and the American find it French. Domino calls it somehthing like 'French boudoir'. well, I like it. Maybe because it is so unattainable in every way.


It's a beautiful setting. But isn't it a bit too much of a setting? I mean, does anyone live there? If they do, they definitively have someone look after their every move. To be honnest, I would like to live there for a while if it were for a girls'only retreat, complete with pampering massages, delicious food and night chat. But at home? My husband would hate it (let alone demolish all that laborious work in one blow).
Again, lovely to look at, lovely colors and bright, optimistic light. Quintessentially American.


je ne suis pas complètement fan, il y a un côté has been et kistch que je n'aime pas trop, ça doit être l'American Touch ! ;-)

Freshly Found

The light, the white, the colour, the style! Delish!

All Things Bright and Beautiful.....

My favorite is the first pic :-) - these are yummilicious I totally agree - but not very sticky little fingers proof - unfortunately for moi


You have already used all the words I would use to describe, so I will simple say---"ditto".

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